Rap Dictionary, First edition is now available.

The first edition of the physical print Rap Dictionary Book published on July 26, 2020 with the ISBN 978-1-7360769-0-3 is in stock and has been available for purchase. “Rap Dictionary: An A-Z Guide to Rap/Hip-Hop” is filled with over 1000+ terms and definitions used in Hip-Hop/Rap music.

Printed in the United States of America with 330 pages, This book is the ultimate and official Rap & Hip-Hop Dictionary edited by Israel Odumakin and The DailyRapFacts team. The Rap Dictionary includes slang, terms, numbers, phrases, ad-libs, idioms, expressions, currencies & symbols, and weed measurements.

The Book is available now on The Official DailyRapFacts Store and on Amazon. Please visit RapDictionary.com for more information.

Book details can be found here.

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Rap Dictionary Book
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